Think10 Capital is one of the best business advisors in marketing strategies for cryptocurrency trading platforms. Setting a new objective in pre IPO investment. Securing talent. Driving Success.
Reimagining the future of startups. Redefining early stage venture capital.

about us

Our Mission

Think10 Capital is on a mission to find, invest in and build strong sustainable businesses

By matching the world’s most promising entrepreneurs with capital and co-investment opportunities. Based in Australia, we strive to capture global attention.

Our Values

At Think10 we operate from the following principles:

1. Responsibility

Undoubtedly, long term success comes from taking an informed and responsible approach to investment. We think sustainably rather than short-term in our goals via an accountable process.

3. Compliance

We have an ethos of compliance, rooted in first-hand business experience and a sense of interconnectedness. We do our due diligence and think ten steps ahead.

5. Awareness

We identify ownership opportunities through on-the-pulse awareness about what’s about to change, what’s on the verge, and what’s driving the market forward.

2. Collaboration

We have a collaborative culture where we maximise upon our shared knowledge and capabilities to drive positive and reproducible results. We work as a team with integrity and motivation to deliver new opportunities.

4. Innovation

If we don’t have the tools to drive our goals forward then we create the technologies and solutions we need. We go beyond what’s been done before.

6. Community

We believe in building networks that contribute positively to the world at large. We invest in the community. We believe in the trickle-down effect of wealth creation.

Our Focus

The edge of change. The forward thinkers. The next stage of ideas.

The edge of change. The forward thinkers. The next stage of ideas.

We offer venture capitalists a 3D look into the early phase of business growth, establishing value-creation from its inception.

Think10 supports all stages of start-up growth, which spans from small business through to the technology and medicinal health spheres.

Irrespective of industry, Think10 looks for entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses who value sustainable practices and intelligent solution finding.

We are passionate about the people behind great products and concepts. We’re talking about future touch-stone names. Luminaries. Recognisable brands.

No matter how small or large your starting point, there is room for growth.

Think10 are grounded in the local and motivated by the global. We work from an ethos of shared success.

our approach

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

– Colin Powell

Drawing on our deep understanding of the start-up and focus sectors, we source conviction-based investment opportunities.

Our investment philosophy is based on growth acceleration and business transformation. We believe in unearthing and supporting the game-changers, the “big names”, of tomorrow.

Think10 partners closely with management teams to support development and secure growth at the company level.

This means that we look to capitalise on structural shifts and developing trends. In doing so, we minimise reliance on macro trends or the economic cycle.

Think10 Capital puts excellence at the heart of its approach. We understand that value creation comes from operational improvement.

We have a bottom up, rather than top-down, approach to success, born from collaboration.

Our blend of operational knowledge, extensive resources and hands-on experience is applied across our portfolio, resulting in transformation.

We strive to create investments at a resolution that matches the pace of change.

We put entrepreneurs, inventors, businesses and investors in the best possible position to negotiate for their share price.

our projects